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About Profilex

Profilex is brought to you by a team of experts who have been involved in the tennis industry for more than 25 years. Our experts include coaches, former top professional tennis players, and some outstanding racquet technicians. They have followed the evolution of the game in various aspects, especially the cutting-edge equipment players used to reach their maximum potential.

Profilex Tennis Company

Profilex-Tennis is the newest and most cutting-edge online tennis equipment store. Our product line of tennis strings, racquets and balls are curated and developed by the best in the business. Coaches, former top professional tennis players, and an array of outstanding racquet technicians all lend a hand in creating our high quality tennis equipment, crafted to help you play your best.

Define Your Style of Play

Let’s face it. The game of tennis is changing. What used to be purely about strategy and athletic ability has turned into a way more physically demanding game. When you buy tennis racquet strings from Profilex-Tennis, you are receiving more power, control and accuracy in your tennis game. For the best tennis strings that are both arm friendly and durable, shop at Profilex-Tennis.

Also offering the best tennis racquets and balls, Profilex-Tennis has all the equipment you need to truly step up your game. As the game takes a new dimension every day, Profilex stays ahead of the curve to develop and produce high quality tennis products; striving to help every player, all-around or high performance, define their personal style of play. If you have any questions about our tennis strings, racquets or balls or how to order online, please email us, we are happy to help!                          Free Shipping on orders $75 or more.